Online Student Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Learn Anything

While I know I started my blog then dropped out for over a year now. I want to come back with my mini girl thoughts. If anyone has seen my previous posts I am a young mom and having my baby girl led me to dropping out of college after my second year. When I had my baby girl I decided on taking online courses to clear out any general ed requirements until I come back to school. At first I’m thinking “Okay this is an online class so it must be easier to handle, right?” WRONG!

For anyone who was as ignorant as me the reality is online classes are only convenient in terms of managing time. It’s convenient that I don’t have to wake up in the morning to go to school instead I wake up to go to work then study when I am home. It allows me to be a full-time employee without having to worry about “oh my class is this time to this time but I need to work these times.” The real struggle is to find it in yourself to put aside the time needed to work on your online courses. Which meant no video games, no partying on weeknights, and limited me-time if I wanted to be a mom and a student at home.

I had a friend ask me why am I so stressed when I am only taking online courses, they’re easy! Well unfortunately, to that friend they’re not because besides finding time to do my lectures, readings, and assignments its also finding your motivation to get through it and not get distracted or avoid it altogether.

On a good side note I recently applied to go to Oregon State University through their E-Campus in order to (finally) finish my bachelor degree. I was excited and spoke about it to my other friend and she kind of had this “oh no” tone like I’m not going anywhere with my degree because I’m getting it through online. Which, wow, kind of hurts but reality here is for everyone who sees “online degrees” the same way she does I see why. I used to be like that too. After taking online courses I realized the fact that I have to force myself to sit and study I’m absorbing the content so much better than when I was taking sit-down classes. Not that I’m saying traditional classes are bad it’s just easy for us to space out and fall asleep then miss a part of lecture. While online I have to keep reading and re-reading until I am ready to move on or my professor will post videos and I can rewind and watch again.

Now while I realize I’m starting to sound like I’m saying “online classes are the way to go” I would also like to say if you can and want to take classes the traditional way then go for it! I’m not going to lie I do miss going to campus, walking to class, seeing people, just stepping out of the house, etc. It’s an experience to have but for me my life circumstances make online class most convenient. Whatever you choose to do what matters is that you are learning!

Mommy or sister?

Hello everyone! I know it has been over a week since I last posted and I am very sorry! Please bear with me as I get used to blogging and thinking of content to put up.

Anyway now that I’m back on let’s get to the real subject of this post! I haven’t really shared much about my life so far and I know I said I will talk about my mommy life here as well. Some of you may be wondering, how old am I? Well currently I am 21 years old. I had my daughter Alina when I was 19 years old (right before I turned 20). Some people still believe I look like a 16 year old though and I can’t deny that I am baby-faced.  A common question I get from people who see me (or even family friends who think my mom had another one) is if Alina is my sister. I always smile and answer them that she is actually my daughter.

It took me a while to realize after becoming a mom that of course people would think of us as sisters because of my age and the way she looks like me would make anyone think we’re sisters. Of course I love being her mom but I have wondered how much different would my relationship to Alina would be if we were actually sisters. The reality is I wouldn’t be the person overlooking her growth or changing her diaper. I would honestly be someone to play with her. Although that is not the case since we are not sisters haha I can list down a few reasons of why I love being her mom.

Being a young mom is hard and I know there are many of us out there getting through it.  One thing I love about being a mom is having a front row seat to watch this amazing little girl grow up and become someone even more. Many years from now I know I can look back to these days as difficult but I’m trying to maintain a positive vision that all these struggles will be very rewarding. One more thing I know I will also enjoy is when Alina is older and we’re going to be asked if we’re sisters (also please bear with my terrible jokes).

That’s my quick thought of the day. I hope there are other moms out there that can relate to this and I’m not alone. Until next time!

Wine Lip Tints?!

Lately I’ve noticed I wear a lot of high pigment matte lipsticks and sometimes I just want a lip tint to avoid showing my pale lips to the world without having such a bold lip.  Then I thought why not get a Korean lip tint since they are popular and that means they must be very good right? I began my search on MemeBox and at first I was looking into the Berrisom lip tint pack until I came across these beauties:

Lip tints packaged in a wine bottle!! How cute are these?! 

These lip tints are from the cosmetic brand Labiotte. In my research of the products to make a decision to buy or not the brand is known for formulating cosmetics with wine extract. These tints claim to be pigmented, long lasting, and moisturizing. From YouTube videos the long lasting part seemed to be promising from the tests the reviewers ran so I just went ahead and purchased them. I first found these on MemeBox but I purchased mine on Amazon (to use prime and the deal was better). I purchased them in the colors Merlot Burgundy and Shiraz Red and you can see me wearing them in the pictures below. 

For this first one I was wearing Merlot Burgundy (RD03). It really makes my lips look like it was stained by merlot wine so I give that a plus. It comes off more as a tint than the next one but it gives the color I was looking for anyway. 

In this one I have on Shiraz Red. It’s a really nice pop of color. I find this one stains longer than the other one and has stronger pigmentation. 

Other than colors and staining these do a wonderful job with moisturizing my lips. When I first applied them I had this amazing sensation on my lips like they were becoming even softer and they felt smooth throughout the day. If you’re looking to try something new I would definitely recommend this to you and if you have tried these before, what did you think about them?

That’s all I have until next time. Should I do more beauty posts or thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

What is Photography to Me?

I’ve always liked pictures but I was never the type of person to be considered a photographer. Mainly because I don’t know much about cameras and most of the time I’m your basic girl taking pictures on my phone. Photography has been somewhat interesting to me and I love seeing the beautiful images people create through their lens. Maybe it’s just me choosing to be more interested in other things. 

You could say I’ve been more into having a good camera these days because I want to make sure I can capture photos of my daughter as she gets older. I have also taken an interest in instant print cameras mainly because uploading and ordering prints has been hard for me. I’ve also noticed how much fun instant print cameras are just to have that physical copy of your photo. 

Other than a good camera I’ve noticed all the neat-looking lens attachments you can have as well. Like in the photo I have above, I’m using a clip-on fisheye lens for my iPhone. It’s just so amazing to think about the tools we have to create images to look back to as a a memory. I’m definitely going to keep trying new things with photographs. 

That’s just my quick thought for the day, until next time!

Let’s talk skincare

Something I have heard of before is the secret to having good makeup is to have good skin beneath it. Which made sense to me if I think what if my skin would be so dry makeup won’t help cover up those flaky dry spots or no amount of “blurring” primer can help with big pores. So with that being said, I’m here to share my current skin care routine and my thoughts of what these products, in the picture below, do for me.



Mary Kay 3-in- 1 Cleanser

Most of the time I prefer to use the 3-in-1 cleanser for dry-to-normal skin types. What I love about it is that it doesn’t strip away my skin’s natural moisture and gives me soft and clean skin.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Cleanser

For days I wear a full face of makeup I prefer to use this frothy cleanser to just melt away all of it. I prefer this for my makeup because I feel the Mary Kay is a bit too gentle to take away all makeup so I always end up removing the rest with a cotton pad. The checks and balances  does take away bit of moisture from my skin but nothing a little moisturizer can’t do. Another thing I like about having this is for the rare times my skin gets oily I use this for a bit instead since it is ideal for all skin types.

Bioré Charcoal Scrub

For the rare times I continue to be oily and I begin to notice my pores I like to use this scrub to get that good deep cleaning and kick out the oiliness. This scrub smells good and is so easy to use!

Mary Kay Age-Fighting moisturizer

At first this moisturizer was just a regular moisturizer doing its job for me until recently when I had this bad irritation on my face from the cold weather drying up my face. This moisturizer saved my face so fast people who saw me on a regular basis were impressed with how fast my skin cleared.

L’Occitane 5% Shea Comfort Cream

For certain days I feel moisturizer is making my face greasy or I’m just at home I like to use this little fella. I first got this when a friend noticed my face during that cold weather dryness and wanted to help me. I’m very thankful for his help because I actually used this on top of my Mary Kay moisturizer at during my little dryness time too!

Day and Night Solution

I could change all the cleansers and moisturizers I use but I can never get rid of these in my skincare routine. The day solution has SPF 35 that way my face is always protected from UV rays and it helps with redness. The night solution contains these little beads that burst with antioxidants good for the skin which help renew the skin overnight so you wake up with a glow!

L’Occitane Peony Perfecting Toner

I never used a toner but I got this one mainly because I enjoyed the scent. Their peony skincare line suggests the products bring out the perfection in your skin and they are not lying when they say that. When I started using this product on a regular basis it upped my skincare game so much I couldn’t believe what this has done for me. Although I am guilty of skipping on using this some days when I use it regularly.

Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Most of the time I use eye makeup and this by far is the best and most gentle makeup remover for me. 


So there it is! The products I use to make sure I keep my skin in tip-top shape. As you can see I do use a lot of Mary Kay products because that is what currently works best for me. I intend to try other brands once I create space in my bathroom counter (I have other products as well as not enough space to share ><). I also want to know what’s in your skincare routine and how do your products work for you as well!




Getting Back Into It

One of my new goals that I started in December was to get back into my makeup addiction stronger than ever. I used to only wear eye makeup because my face had no blemishes so what was there to cover up other than my undereyes. Which is weird since I own two face primers, liquid foundation, mineral foundation, a few blushes, and a bronzer and highlight. I decided that since I spend so much money on all these beauty products it would be a waste to just barely use them. Getting back into my makeup addiction also means finishing what I own. I have finished other products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, concealers, and mascaras but that is because I use them regularly. 

Lately, I have found myself getting into the routine of foundation and contouring. It has been fun so far going to work and seeing myself in the mirrors thinking, “wow I haven’t felt like this in a long time.” Part of me can’t wait to finish certain products so I can move on to the next one try others out. I also can’t wait to share products I have with those of you who read or even get opinions. So once I get a feel for this blog thing expect beauty posts from me (and maybe some mommy).

Putting a Start to 2017

Today marks as the end of 2017 week 1 by the calendar. I’m sure a lot of people on the internet can relate when I say 2016 and events that went on in the year was terrible. While some people don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions I believe in starting 2017 trying to change parts of myself that didn’t work out in 2016. 

Beginning this blog is going to be one of those tools in this journey for me to keep track of my growth as well as for those of you who read this. I’ve always wanted to share my love for makeup and as well my life as a young mom and the best place to start is on a blog. I have a friend who loves to write and seeing him share what goes through his head through his work has inspired me to do the same. 

I can’t wait to see my progress and possibly meet new friends out here. I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the New Year and for it to only get better from there.